What Is The Team Canvas and Why Would You Use It?

TL;DR: it’s a “business model canvas” for teamwork. It makes life of small creative teams much easier, while aligning group members and boosting performance.

The Essence

On average, only 46 out of 100 workgroups within organizations end up creating value for companies, and up to 92% of freshly created startup teams are destined to fail for various reason. A recent study mentioned by Harvard Business School professor Noam Wasserman suggests that 60+% of those reasons are related to problems within teams, e.g. miscommunication, unresolved conflicts, co-founder disagreements, key players leaving teams at pivotal moments and so on.

What makes it even worse is that the tools for team maintenance and leadership for various reasons are not easily available to small teams like startups and creative agencies, and are not widely used within even bigger companies. These tools are usually only offered as leadership trainings to C-suite guys by consultancies at rather high prices.

Here is a simple question: Is there something you personally can do to make the team you work in more successful and productive? We suggest that simply put, yes.

The Team Canvas

One of the reasons we created The Team Canvas and this blog is exactly that: to empower team players (both in leader or participant roles) by providing them with with easy to grasp and to implement tools for effective teamwork.

We believe that teamwork can be made sustainably more fun, effective and stress-free. The Team Canvas offers a simple one-page tool for team alignment at any stage of the team. We also make consequent steps towards effective team maintenance and turning it into a fun, manageable process.

Who Is It For?

Who would benefit from The Team Canvas the most?

  • Startup teams at the stage of forming, pivoting or growing
  • Creative teams within agencies or consultancies
  • Team participants within organizations that are coming together to complete specific projects
  • Learning groups
  • Growing companies
  • HR professionals who are hiring and sustaining top talent

The Why?

Five top reasons why we are doing what we are doing:

  1. People and communication between them matter;
  2. Teams are essential for doing almost anything significant;
  3. Distributed Creativity is vital for sustainable creative processes;
  4. It’s great to be a part of highly functional, performing and self-leading team;
  5. We love the idea of sharing both knowledge and experience is something we love to do, that is, creating effective team culture.

What’s next?

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